Moayad al-Lami praises the Iranian role in supporting and assisting Iraq and its people in different fields

BAGHDAD, Head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Muayad al-Lami praised the Iranian role in supporting and assisting Iraq and its people in various fields, especially during the war on Daesh.

“We discussed with the Iranian Ambassador the development of press and cultural relations and the activation of previously concluded agreements in this field,” Al-Lami told a joint press conference with Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Erj Musjidi.

“We are happy for the support and help to Iraq and the Iraqis in various fields, especially when Iran stood by Iraq as the first country against a terrorist Daesh.

For his part, the Iranian Ambassador congratulated Mu’ayyad al-Lami on the occasion of his re-election, and the Iraqi journalists and members of the Syndicate council by winning the elections.

He praised the role of Al-Lami in promoting the work of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, pointing out that the journalists have an important role in developing relations between the two countries and unify the visions of the Iraqi people in their future directions.

The Iranian Ambassador said: “I am very happy with the excellent relations between the two countries and the Iraqi and Iranian peoples. He also expressed his happiness at meeting al-Lami and taking a close look at the work of the Syndicate and its departments, which he described as beautiful.

“The Iraqi parliamentary elections are on the doorstep and we hope to see the form of the next Iraqi government as soon as possible and we respect the will of the Iraqi people and their choices in this field,” he concluded.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency