MoF organises remote workshops on the automated budget preparation system for hiring budgets

In line with its keenness to enhance the government’s financial planning and raise budget implementation efficiency, the Ministry of Finance organised remote workshops on the automated budget preparation system for hiring budgets. The workshops introduced federal authorities to the new system in the federal government, trained them on using it, and welcomed their inquiries on its implementation process.

A number of specialists in human resources management and financial management from 24 federal entities, in addition to a number of tech specialists in general budget management in the Ministry of Finance attended the workshops.

H.E. Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Under Secretary of Resource and Budget Sector, stressed the importance of continuing to organize workshops remotely. These workshops are to qualify and train hiring budget specialists in preparing all federal entities’ budgets, and to provide support and guidance to these authorities with technical matters related to the system to amend hiring budgets.

H.E. said: “Based on its strategy to improve government financial performance, and to develop effective mechanisms to prepare and implement the nation’s general budget, and to ensure the integrity of the financial system and achieve sustainable economic growth, the Ministry of Finance is keen to further cooperate with various federal entities and provide them with the necessary support and training on budget preparation and implementation in accordance with the best global practices approved.”

The training workshops reviewed the automated budget preparation system for hiring budgets’ workflow mechanism, the ways to request and review the folder requesting updates, which can be used in the event of a request for any change in the approved human resources budget, including, for example, in cases of creating new jobs or adjusting the budget for the newly created jobs. The workshops also went through requesting a replacement for retirement or resignation, and employee promotions procedures, that are simultaneously reflected on the draft budget for the next fiscal year that is being prepared. The workshop also went through an explanation on the steps and procedures required to update the budget after updating Bayanati.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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