Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund supports efforts to protect rare fish from extinction

ABU DHABI, The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, MBZ Fund, yesterday announced its support for efforts made to protect rare species of fish from extinction.

The fund’s announcement comes in response to reports that a rare species of fish, known as “Syngnathus,” which lives in estuaries in Cape Province, South Africa, is facing extinction, due to natural and human threats to plants found at the bottom of local rivers, on which the small fish feed.

There are around 250 of this species left living in local riverbeds, but only 50 are of mating age. However, recent studies found baby Syngnathus in areas where they have not been seen for 40 years.

The project to preserve the Syngnathus and protect them from extinction includes field surveys to determine their numbers and gather more information about the areas they inhabit, as well as to study the flow of water from rivers to the estuaries where they live.

The University of Johannesburg is managing the project.

Source: Emirates News Agency