Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative to Clothe One Million Children reaches out to India

BANGALORE: India’s Minority Affairs Minister, Rahman Khan, has commended the U.A.E.’s humanitarian and charitable initiatives in India, the host of second largest Islamic minority in the world. The minister acknowledged the vital importance of the U.A.E.’s diversified humanitarian assistance to the Indian underprivileged during a ceremony held by the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative to Clothe One Million Children, in Bangalore, the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Coordinated with the Relief and Charitable Foundation of India (RCFI), the campaign has targeted 25,000 needy children in the state of Karnataka. Another consignment of 10,000 parcels of clothes will be distributed in the states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and West Bengal.

Shibu Baby John, Labour Minister, Kerala State, said that 350 parcels of clothes were given to children in his state. The RCFI said it would complete the distribution of 60,000 parcels of clothes across all states of India.