Mohammed bin Rashid joins Chinese team in desert brainstorming session — updated

DUBAI: During a private weekend safari with his young daughter, Al Jalila bint Mohammed, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, joined a brainstorming session held by a team of Chinese employees under a Ghaf tree in the desert.

Much to their surprise, the team of employees found the Ruler of Dubai interacting with them and admiring their choice to seek inspiration in the tranquil ambience of the desert. Sheikh Mohammed listened to the team’s personal experience as expats living and working in the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed welcomed the team of employees to the UAE, asserting that this generous homeland welcomes visitors with open arms. He added that the UAE strives to nurture creativity, sustain prosperity and happiness for all residents and visitors alike.

On his Twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed expressed joy over meeting the Chinese employees saying, “I was surprised by a group of employees brainstorming while on a morning desert safari with my daughter, Al Jalila. They are from a Chinese company. We spent a good time chatting about their experience in the UAE.” The Chinese team of employees expressed their happiness with this unforeseen surprise and the chance to meet one of the most influential Arab leaders; a leader who humbly joined their desert brainstorming session and engaged with them in discussion.

The team members were keen to document this surprise with group photos with Sheikh Mohammed and his young daughter Al Jalila. They all raised Sheikh Mohammed’s famous hand gesture salute that symbolises Victory, Triumph and Love.