MoHAP, GAIAE launch online Hajj permit on Al Hosn App

Al Hosn National Health System, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), has launched an online Hajj permit service on Al Hosn App in cooperation with the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE).

The new service aims to facilitate Hajj procedures, save pilgrims’ times and efforts and enhance their confidence in the efficiency and development of national health procedures. Additionally, it supports the ongoing efforts of the two entities to accelerate their digital transformation by switching from paper to digital versions of permits.

Al Hosn National Health System emphasized its keenness to work closely with the GAIAE to harness technological resources and modern technologies for the benefit of pilgrims and to provide all facilities required to ensure their safety, health, and security during Hajj as well as to safeguard them from any new virus mutants.

“Providing the online hajj permit through Al Hosn App will bolster our efforts to protect all members of the UAE’s Hajj mission and is in line with health protocols and precautionary measures approved by the UAE for the Hajj season (1443 AH – 2022 AD),” Al Hosn National Health System added.

Integrated national efforts

MoHAP stressed that the online hajj permit service is the outcome of significant national efforts by the UAE’s competent authorities charged with combating the virus. It will further add to the nation’s achievements made on the way to recover from the pandemic, address any emerging mutants, improve public health, and enhance the UAE’s capacity to deal with pandemics within a record period, it was said.

According to the ministry, all optional and mandatory vaccinations for pilgrims have been made available at health centers in collaboration with other national health authorities. “We are committed to providing the best medical and regulatory services to pilgrims in accordance with the highest standards in order to ensure their health and safety while performing the Hajj and to shield them from all health risks and infectious diseases,” the ministry said.

MoHAP clarified that the technical capabilities of the “Al-Hosn” application, developed with artificial intelligence in compliance with developments and international best practices, have facilitated the integration of the Green Pass Protocol for the electronic Hajj permit within the application. The app’s ease of use and elaborate design help achieve the highest levels of user satisfaction, in addition to the velocity of response due to the readiness and proactiveness of the National Cloud services that support it. Collectively, these features come within the framework of the Ministry and its partners of completing the strategic plan to maintain public health and in support of the efforts made for a full recovery, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

“Al-Hosn” system has also clarified that the introduction of the electronic Hajj permit on the application is a mandatory procedure for any individual leaving the country for Hajj, whether he is a recipient of full vaccination doses and booster doses of (Covid-19). “the system pointed out there are several procedures and mechanisms that everyone wishing to perform the Hajj must fulfill to ensure obtaining the “Green Pass” that allows them to travel safely

4 Required procedures

The system specified 4 general steps that must be taken by those willing to perform Hajj, for the permit to be issued automatically on Al-Hosn application. The steps include conducting a negative PCR test no later than (72 hours) before the date of travel, attaching certificates of obtaining the “meningitis” vaccine (compulsory), and the “seasonal influenza and pneumococcal” vaccines (optional) from one of the health centers approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and health authorities, in addition to “attaching a report on the medical condition of the person wishing to travel (fit) from the approved health authorities, and finally, attaching a travel permit for Hajj”

“Al-Hosn” system stated that the pilgrims who received Covid-19 full vaccination doses along with its booster doses will obtain an electronic Hajj permit on Al-Hosn app once the four steps are completed.

The National Health System “Al-Hosn” indicated that the “electronic Hajj permit” will appear in grey if: (1) “the PCR test expires 72 hours before travel, (2) required vaccinations are not received, (3) the medical report is not obtained, or (4) if the Hajj travel approval is not obtained from the competent authorities,” while the permit will appear in red if the result of the (PCR) test is positive.

The system urged who have any inquiries or questions regarding the electronic Hajj permit to contact it by phone at the number 8004676, or via the e-mail They can also contact the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Awqaf), by calling the number “80029723” or by sending an email to, or by contacting the Ministry of Health and Prevention at the toll-free number 80011111

Source: Ministry of Health & Prevention. United Arab Emirates