MoHAP launches interactive media campaign to celebrate International Nurses Day

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has joined the world in celebrating the International Nurses Day, which is observed on May 12 of every year, by launching a digital interactive campaign on its social media platforms.

From celebrating the outstanding achievements made by nurses to highlighting their dedication and humanitarian role in caring for community health, the campaign aims to express the nation’s pride in nurses’ efforts and reaffirm the leadership’s support for the nursing teams and the entire health sector in general.

Live testimonies from nurses while working in the field were published on the ministry’s social media platforms, expressing their pride and happiness in being part of such a noble humanitarian profession.

They also encouraged community members to enroll in nursing colleges, stressing that the inspiring words they hear from the wise leadership constitute a strong motivation and incentive towards continuing on their march of giving and dedication to serving the nation and protecting the health of its members.

The ministry’s media content also carried positive messages about the nursing profession formulated based on personal experiences with patients and promoted the human values adopted by nursing staff in times of challenges. The digital interactive campaign also reiterated the nurses’ readiness to deal with all emergencies, renewing their commitment to continue working faithfully to enhance the wellbeing and health of the community.

Source: Ministry of Health & Prevention. United Arab Emirates