Monaco delegation praises Dubai’s international presence in maritime sector

DUBAI, A delegation of representatives of maritime companies from Monaco explored Dubai experience in developing attractive and inclusive international maritime complexes while praising the emirate’s international presence in the maritime sector.

The delegation stated this while visiting the Dubai Maritime City Authority, DMCA, to learn about the initiatives that have made Dubai a leading player in maritime entertainment tourism, especially by attracting leading international investors and preparing the ideal environment for maritime activities, based on an advanced logistical structure, to keep pace with the latest developments in the international maritime industry.

Senior officials from the authority, most notably Ali Al Dabbous, Executive Director of Operations at DMCA, and Nawfal Al Jourani, Director of the Dubai Maritime Cluster Office at the DMCA, welcomed the visit of the delegation, which highlighted the confidence of the international communities in Dubai, which has many accomplishments, including recently attaining the fifth place on the list of the world’s leading centres of international shipping, as well as the fifth place in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness, and a top ten position in all aspects of the maritime sector while occupying advanced places as one of the most attractive working environments for maritime businesses.

The authority’s officials also explained its procedures for answering the current and future requirements of the consumers of maritime entertainment around the world, especially with regards to maritime safety, operational efficiency and safe navigation.

The delegation praised Dubai’s key role in anticipating and creating the future of the international yacht industry, which is expected to grow to a value of US$74.7 billion by 2022. It also affirmed the deep relations between Dubai and Monaco, which are reflected by their common vision to be unique and pioneer the world of luxury yachts and sophisticated maritime sports, to create opportunities for investors from both sides to promote cooperation in promising areas related to maritime entertainment tourism.

The delegation included the leaders of the yacht and ship manufacturing sector in Monaco, most notably Espen Oeino, CEO of Espen Oeino International for Yacht and Ship Manufacturing, Sabrina Monteleone, CEO of Sabrina Monte-Carlo, and Rainer Behne, CEO of BehneMar.

Source: Emirates News Agency