Mowasafat launches innovative projects, systems during World Energy Summit

ABU DHABI, The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, Mowasafat, is launching a set of innovative projects and systems at the tenth session for World Future Energy Summit 2017 which kicks off at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from Monday, on 16th January, 2017.

These projects will support the expansion of future energy and water systems, and rationalise electricity consumption by introducing new categories of electrical appliances and products.

In addition, the authority will announce the results of applying energy efficiency programmes and the regulations of alternative energy products, along with the results of their contribution to the national economy, and how they reduced the carbon footprint.

The unveiling of the new systems are in the context of the continuous development of systems and the UAE’s standard regulations, and technical regulations issued by the authority. These are based on the authority’s plans to set up regulations for technical rationalisation of energy and water consumption, and for preserving the environment and natural resources within the country.

The authority also plans regulations that will contribute to achieving the strategic goal of the State to reduce the negative environmental impacts of products. Technical regulations and legislations will be issued to ensure the protection of the environment and natural resources, by intensifying supervision, and promoting use of the efficient products in the field of energy consumption.

Abdulla Al Maeeni, Director-General of Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, said in a press statement that through its participation for the fifth time in a row, the authority aims to promote its plans for joint co-operation with government institutions and departments, and international organisations and companies specialising in the energy sector. The authority aims to achieve this through dialogue sessions and workshops, and meeting experts of renewable and clean energy.

He stressed that the authority’s participation is within the framework of a standard strategy to support the State’s programmes and plans for sustainable development, and innovation and expansion with the reliance on renewable and clean energy. It is also to rationalise energy consumption, and connect the authority’s programmes with the ambitious and pioneering strategy that the UAE government began to apply many years ago.

He called on the public, representatives of government agencies and decision-makers to visit the “Mowasafat” pavilion at the exhibition. The pavilion will include for the first time a model for a future home that includes “interactive screens” to inform the public and participants about the authority’s activities and programmes in all sectors. It will also provide information in a clear and concise way. The representatives will not only answer queries and explain the regulations, but will also provide a detailed explanation of the authority’s services during the exhibition.

Source: Emirates News Agency