MP From Babylon: The Inclusion Of Babylon On The World Heritage List Is A New Victory For Iraq

A member of the House of Representatives for the province of Babylon Salam al-Shimmari announced that the announcement of UNESCO and unanimously to include Babylon on the list of world heritage is a new victory for Iraq.

He said in a press statement that Babylon, the cradle of human civilization, deserved after long waiting to be part of the international list of human heritage because it possesses elements and human history that has been present in the world for thousands of years and still.

Al-Shimmari said that this great victory, which was preceded by the inclusion of marshes in the global list, adds a new responsibility to all to work to redouble the work and efforts to be Babylon the focus of the world’s attention of scientists and tourists.

He stressed that this victory is a crown not only for the city and its people, but for all Iraqis who deserve, after they gave the world lessons in sacrifice and redemption for the glory of their country and its role in the world.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency