MP From Talabani’s Bloc: Turkey Wants To Restore The Ottoman Caliphate With The Consent Of Countries That Want To Revenge Against Kurds

The MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, Rizan Sheikh Delir criticized, what she described “the government’s silence” to the Turkish attacks on the territory of Kurdistan.

“Turkish bombing on the Kurdistan territory under the pretext of fighting the PKK resulted innocent martyrs and wounded,” Sheikh Diller said in a press statement today, added. “Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman caliphate, which ended more than a century ago, with an army that has the latest weapons, with the Consent of countries / not named / want revenge on the Kurdish people in different countries. “

She added ” These attacks are met by a suspicious and strange silence by the government, as if there is an agreement between the two parties to carry out such acts” called on the Foreign Ministry “to summon the Turkish ambassador and deliver a protest note or to send a military delegation from Baghdad to meet with his Turkish counterpart there and to inform Turkey the need to stop these attacks.”

She also warned that “the continuation of these attacks will generate anger in the Kurdish street, and may result in uncontrollable reactions later.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency