MP: The withdrawal Of US Troops From Syria And Heading To Iraqi Provinces Will Pose A Threat To Security In Iraq

Baghdad, MP Kareem Aliawi Almohadawi said that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and heading to the Iraqi provinces, will pose a threat to security in Iraq.

Almohamadawi said in a statement to NINA that the US’s troops withdrawal is a dangerous phenomenon in Iraq, especially after the US statements that confirmed 2130 fighters from the US military headed to northern Iraq, specifically Erbil province.

He criticized the presence of American camps in the western regions, which are contrary to the agreement between Iraq and America, which provided for the presence of troops for training purposes only, accusing the United States of sponsoring Daesh organization and it to try to bring it back to Iraq.

He called on “the parliament and the central government to stand against the entry of US troops withdrawn from the Syrian border to Iraqi territory, maintaining security after the victories achieved.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency