MPs call on the government and parliament to work to redraw the borders with Kuwait

MPs of various blocs called on the government and the House of Representatives to work together to redraw the Iraqi-Kuwaiti maritime and land borders.

MP Saud Al-Saadi said, in a joint press conference today, Saturday, “We reject foreign interference in Iraq’s affairs regarding the sovereignty of Iraqi lands, waters, and rights,” indicating the need to adhere to the Federal Court’s decision declaring the unconstitutionality of Law No. 42 of 2013 regarding the ratification of an agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to regulate maritime navigation in Khor Abdullah.

For his part, MP Amer Abdul-Jabbar called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deposit a copy of the Federal Court’s decision with the UN Security Council and the United Nations to guarantee Iraq’s rights, while Representative Raed Al-Maliki urged government agencies to draw an Iraqi map with land and sea borders with the neighboring State of Kuwait, and hand it over to international bodies and the entire international community.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency