Municipality of Abu Dhabi City musters campaign to clean Hameem Beach

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in cooperation with the Waste Management Centre – Abu Dhabi, has recently carried out a campaign to clean the Beach stretch to the north of Hameem Bridge in a bid to clean waste materials and litter dumped on this beach strip extending more than 20 km.

The Campaign drew participation of scores of employees from Facilities and Security Division, and Marketing and Corporate Communication Office at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in addition to workers of a service-providing company, and Beach Contractor West Coast Company.

During the campaign, about 5 km of the Beach stretch were cleaned by participants who were equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure the effective cleaning of the beach such as gloves, sacks, trash pickers, drinking water and food.

Othman Fulazi, Director of Facilities and Security, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, who spearheaded the 4-hour long campaign where more than 4 tons of environment-harmful wastes were removed from the beach, said: “The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is committed to its environmental message of maintaining a clean environment and waste-free beaches. It is also keen on instilling ‘&’ promoting environmental hygiene attitudes among all community segments, and communicating environmental messages to community members in order to educate them on the damage and problems facing the environment.”

“This campaign comes in the context of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City’s vision to ensure a superior quality of living and sustainable environment for the residents of Abu Dhabi City,” he continued. Fulazi reiterated the Municipality’s endeavours to perpetuate the principle of cooperation and teamwork to showcase the environmental dimension as a national priority in the development process by setting up an appropriate mechanism that ensures compliance with the environmental regulations ‘&’ standards, and strikes a balance with the development requirements,” added the Director of Facilities and Security, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City.

“Such campaigns are capable of achieving lots of good results, given that the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has similar joint cleaning programs and projects covering various service utilities such as beaches, streets, tunnels and parks in order to nurture an optimal environment as well as a safe ‘&’ healthy community,” continued Fulazi.

“The more we raise and promote the environmental awareness of the community members, the more we contribute to providing an optimal environment for future generations,” he added. The Director of Facilities and Security paid tribute to that sort of activities and renewed the commitment of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to provide an ideal environment for a secure society and a cleaner future.

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