Municipality of Abu Dhabi tenders the contract for a major Entertainment Event in Khalifa Park

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi City Municipality will be issuing a tender inviting private sector investors to finance, develop and operate under a lease arrangement a world class events and family entertainment venue that will act as a major visitor attraction to the Emirate. Abu Dhabi is experiencing a healthy growth in tourism and has already delivered a number of landmark entertainment projects. Entertainment activities of this nature will represent exceptional value for money providing an opportunity to grow what shall start as an entertainment event, into a permanent and sustainable family destination.

The events venue shall cover over 200,000 sq.m of Khalifa Park and shall be active from October 2014 through to March 2015. The Entertainment ‘&’ Events Venue will attract between 1.5-2m people over 6 months and increase the range of quality facilities and amenities to the residents and families of Abu Dhabi.

At 80 Acres in size (Equivalent of twice the size of Universal Studios, Florida), Khalifa Park provides for an ideal location, capable of accommodating the large number of visitors. The venue shall comprise a number of key attractions catered towards family’ entertainment including large-scale fun rides that shall form a major component of the events venue. The project will also include a full calendar of shows, retail pavilions and food and beverage outlets.

Another key attraction will be the Circus, which will be seamlessly integrated within the overall events venue with regular shows into the evening. The Circus shall offer the best in shows, displays and spectacular acts brought from various countries worldwide. With high standards of health and safety at the core, the shows will be reasonably priced.

The Khalifa Park Entertainment Event will also witness a wide selection of fun and inspiring musicals, acts and comedy, carnivals, parades and fire work displays.

This initiative demonstrates the Municipality’s continued efforts to deliver high quality projects that further boost city image and added amenities of Abu Dhabi. Private sector investors are able to play an active role in developing exciting features and landmarks by bringing expertise and international standards to an initiative that offers sustainable returns on investment.