Najaf Police Commander: 240 people, including 32 foreigners, and three gangs arrested during the Arbaeen visit

Najaf Police Commander Muhammad Al-Sultani announced the statistics of the work of the security services in Najaf during the Arbaeen visit.

The Media Official in the Najaf police, Colonel Miqdad Al-Musawi, quoted Major General Al-Sultani as saying, “During the Arbaeen visit, we were able to arrest (240) people, including (32) foreigners.”

He added, “We also arrested (3) important gangs, uncovered (4) previous murders, provided assistance to (911) seekers for help, broke up (26) quarrels, walked (3061) patrols, and contributed with the Drifting Guidance Center in dealing with nearly (9000) cases of missing persons, while contributing to entertaining visitors during the occasion./End.