Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Friday promised the Israeli enemy that its troops will be terminated if they set a foot in Lebanon and that their destruction will be broadcast live by TV stations.

In a speech upon the anniversary of the 2006 July War victory, the Secretary General of Hezbollah addressed the enemy saying: “Should you enter our territory, your tanks and battalions will be destroyed and this will be broadcast live by TV stations.”

Stressing that Hezbollah has become a “regional force,” Nasrallah indicated that the Israeli domestic front was not ready for war.

He explained that the Israeli enemy did not only fear Hezbollah as it had come to realized that a war on the party would ignite the entire region.

“This balance of terror is in the interest of Lebanon,” he added.

“We are proud to be part of the axis of Resistance which can be relied on to prevent wars,” he underlined

“The Resistance axis can prevent the recurrence of terrorism or a new universal war in Syria,” he said

He went on to say that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudis were pushing for war in the region. “But we want security and peace to persist.”

Moreover, he considered that a war on Iran would mean a war on the axis of Resistance and that the entire region would burn.

Nasrallah did not fail to reiterate that “the Lebanese were the ones who established their security in Lebanon and safety in the south through the army-people-Resistance trinity.”

He indicated that the July war was staged as per a US decision with a view to establishing “the new Middle East”, in completion of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

“US was behind the scheme; Israel was only an executive tool in this war,” he said.

“Had the US scheme succeeded, the US would have taken over the region; and the war of July would have been just the beginning,” he added.

“Israel would have faced a huge disaster had it continued the war,” he said.

“I honestly say that some commanders in Hezbollah even wanted the war to continue for several weeks considering the losses we could have caused to Israel,” he unveiled.

“But we chose to cease the fighting for the sake of our people,” he said.

He maintained that the war in 2006 did not stop because of “international or the barely-existing Arab pressures,” but that it only stopped because Israel failed.

“What stopped the war was the strength of Lebanon and the Resistance, and the steadfastness of the Lebanese people,” he said.

However, Nasrallah criticized the lack of national unity and total harmony during the July war.

He said that had there been real harmony, Lebanon would have imposed its own conditions at the time.

He also praised President Michel Aoun’s stance today as “brave” and “strong.”

Tackling local affairs, Nasrallah maintained that Hezbollah did not act on the basis that it had won in the region.

He also stressed that his party did not accept the elimination of anybody, but that some sides sought to eliminate others in their sects.

“We want everybody to cooperate,” he said, highlighting the necessity to respect the results of the parliamentary elections and the importance to activate the government and the Parliament.

On a different note, Nasrallah announced that the party had selected Sheikh Hassan Ezzeddine to run for the parliamentary byelections in the southern district of Tyre after the resignation of former MP Nawwaf Moussawi.