National Guard Commander attends graduation ceremony for ‘Urban Search and Rescue Basic Programme’ at Rabdan Academy

Staff Major General Salem Saeed Ghafan Al Jaberi, Commander of the National Guard, attended the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the ‘Urban Search and Rescue Basic Programme’ at Rabdan Academy.

During the ceremony, the Commander of the National Guard congratulated the graduates, emphasising the significance of this specialised programme in honing their skills and advancing their capabilities to align with global changes.

He highlighted the programme’s role in meeting the aspirations of the wise leadership and executing search and rescue and humanitarian support missions not only at the state level but also regionally and globally.

Al Jabri commended the Rabdan Academy for providing a distinctive training experience and leveraging its personnel and expertise in training and research to enhance the National Guard’s capabilities. He acknowledged the academy’s constant efforts toward development and leadership.

In his remarks, James Morse, President of Rabdan Academy, expressed pride in the graduati
on of the first batch of this exceptional programme, extending congratulations to the graduates. Morse underscored Rabdan Academy’s commitment to delivering a unique model that mirrors the UAE’s global reputation, emphasising high professionalism, skills enhancement, and strict adherence to international protocols and standards.

The programme, spanned over 13 weeks and included diverse exercises simulating real-life scenarios for managing emergencies, natural disasters, and risk. The training also focused on executing search and rescue operations with professionalism across various terrains and unpredictable conditions.

The programme is a result of a collaborative vision between the National Guard and Rabdan Academy, aiming to cultivate specialised national capabilities capable of lifesaving, providing support, and leading events during emergencies and disasters. It also seeks to enhance participants’ capabilities in international search and rescue missions according to the best international standards.

e graduation ceremony was attended by Salem Saeed Al Saeedi, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, along with leaders, academics, and specialised researchers from both parties.

Source: Emirates News Agency