NCEMA prepares for weather volatility

ABU DHABI, — The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, NCEMA, represented by its local emergency, crisis and disaster management centres and teams, has completed its preparations for the forecasted weather volatility and instability between 15th and 18th December 2017.

The UAE will be affected by a low-pressure surface area caused by a cold air front from the north, which will gradually increase the level of cloudiness from Friday, including some rain clouds on the northern and eastern regions, according to reports by the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM.

High and low-pressure surface areas are forecast to increase between Saturday and Monday, and the number of clouds will continue to increase in various areas of the UAE, accompanied by heavy rainfall, according to the NCM.

The local NCEMA teams in all emirates have coordinated with relevant institutions and government authorities concerned with local executive emergency and crisis planning, to enhance the readiness of appropriate units for the expected weather volatility.

The NCEMA has also coordinated with local emergency teams to confirm their readiness to respond to any emergency resulting from the heavy rainfall. It also urged the general public and people travelling by sea or to mountains, valleys, dams and wilderness areas to be cautious, due to the volatile weather that could affect certain regions of the country.

The NCEMA also warned about travelling around valleys and dams and urged the public to be cautious about slippery rocks.

For more information and advice, the NCEMA advises the public to visit its channels and website to view its related publications.

Source: Emirates News Agency