NCFA, GFP sign MoU in family affairs cooperation

The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and Generations For Peace (GFP) on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance joint partnership and cooperation in common fields. The agreement was signed by NCFA Secretary General, Mohammad Miqdadi, and GFP Chairman, Muhannad Arabiyat. According to a NCFA statement, Miqdadi said this agreement came as a continuation of efforts made to “institutionalize” issues that serve households and strengthen frameworks of joint cooperation and partnership to implement plans, programs, projects and activities of common interest. NCFA adopted a “participatory” policy with national governmental and non-governmental institutions, the private sector and international organizations to carry out its activities, which “positively” reflects on the family life, Miqdadi noted. Under the agreement, he noted cooperation would focus on the legislative aspect for protection from violence, counseling, mental health, early childhood, and youth development and empowerment. Miqdadi added that the two sides will also exchange information and discuss proposals to implement programmes, activities and projects of common interest, which would strengthen capabilities in the target cooperation areas. For his part, Arabiyat said GFP’s message at the grassroots level depends entirely on the family health and its psychological, social and economic stability, stressing that GFP seeks to achieve this goal through “strategic” partnerships with entities working in protection and prevention from violence. This agreement, which comes within the framework of continuous efforts to build capacities and strengthen role of field workers in protection and prevention from violence areas, will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and benefit from joint expertise, which would achieve a “tangible positive” impact on the individual and family level.

Source: Jordan News Agency