Nineveh MPs decided to present the Mosul crisis to the Prime Minister

BAGHDAD, Nineveh province MPs decided to present the suffering and the crisis of Mosul to the Prime Minister and activate the fact-finding committee with the aim of unifying the successful solutions to the security and service situation and all that citizens need in the province in order to enhance confidence and move forward towards the future.

The MPs of Nineveh, during their meeting under the chairmanship of Osama Al-Nujaifi stressed the unity of their position towards their province and their resolve to correct the situation and defend the right of the citizens of the province in a dignified life and a secure future and follow-up meetings in accordance with the importance of the province and the size of destruction.

“The meeting dealt with the situation of the province following its liberation from the Daesh organization and the destruction it suffered in the infrastructure and homes of its citizens and the system of its services, as well as the killing and displacement of the citizens by terrorism in the face of this tragic situation.

The participants discussed the efforts exerted, whether central or local, and expressed their regret for the humility or loss of services, and the lack of attention to the budget for the year 2019 that the city or the province affected deserved. In addition to the security file suffers from bottlenecks and weakness in performance in a way that affects the citizens of the province in a way that weakens hope in them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency