NYU Abu Dhabi Institute hosts insightful talks and conferences in January

ABU DHABI, The New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Institute has launched its 2023 in-person public programme with a series of inspiring talks, workshops and conferences throughout January.

The lineup kicks off with a talk titled “Uncovering the Underlying Structure of the Universe”, in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Meeting on Theoretical Physics, a conference co-hosted by The Institute and the UAE Space Agency.

Academics from key institutions will discuss how physicists have reached the current understanding of the universe, how black holes defy space and time to preserve information and the profound reasons why the surrounding universe is incredibly huge.

The second talk for the month of January, titled “Black Hole Survival Guide,” is organised in collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi’s Centre for Astro, Particle and Planetary Physics. Astrophysicist and author Janna Levin will discuss her latest book, Black Hole Survival Guide, a wholly accessible, fascinating guide to black holes. Levin will explain how black holes, the most intriguing inhabitants of the universe, have changed people’s basic understanding of the galaxy, the universe, and the whole expanse of reality people inhabit.

The Institute will also be hosting workshops and conferences during January, with the first workshop titled NYU AI in Healthcare Research and Ideation, where NYU professors will be highlighting the challenges and new research directions of AI in healthcare while seeking to create collaborative opportunities within Abu Dhabi for the global research community.

Furthermore, NYUAD Associate Professors of Philosophy Sarah Paul and Matthew Silverstein will run a three-day, Normativity and Reasoning IX workshop. The programme will conclude with a conference organised by the Special Olympics Global Centre for Inclusion in Education in collaboration with the Centre’s Research Collaborative, Special Olympics International Regional Staff, and Special Olympics Programme, where experts will discuss a Global Unified Education System.

Source: Emirates News Agency