Offers to implement National Water Carrier Project ‘early’ December-Minister

Minister of Water, Raed Abu Soud, said “Jordan is awaiting offers of qualified consortia to implement National Water Carrier Project, which are scheduled to emerge early next month.”

Abu Soud’s remarks came at the Lower House Agriculture and Water Committee meeting held to discuss the latest developments about the project’s implementation.

The minister stated: “We are seeking to secure foreign financing and grants to help Jordan reduce the project’s cost and enter into negotiations with the consortium to reduce the total cost of the tender intended to be concluded with the best offer.”

Additionally, the minister noted the project’s initial cost is expected to range between JD2.5 to JD3 billion, indicating that there will be no additional costs in expropriating the project’s land as it will pass adjacent to Disi water pipeline.

Water ministry, he noted, is working to secure “new” solutions and sources as the project continues to be implemented, noting that statements made by some experts about other alter
natives to the enterprise, primarily deep water wells, need further investigation to verify their quality and quantity.

On a related matter, he said some of Jordan’s dams were only filled once, as specialists recommended filling them more than once times to improve water quality.

Source: Jordan News Agency