One of the killers of the martyr, Brigadier General Ali Al-Halfi, director of Sumer Operations Intelligence, arrested in Dhi Qar

The Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency’s detachments in Dhi Qar managed, with a tight ambush, to arrest one of the killers of the martyr, Brigadier General Ali Al-Halfi.

The Intelligence Directorate said in a statement, “In implementation of the instructions of the Minister of Interior and under the direct supervision of the Undersecretary of Intelligence and federal investigations, which included the prosecution of the murdered martyr Brigadier General Ali Al-Halfi, Director of Sumer Operations Intelligence, who was martyred while performing his sacred duty and his intervention to resolve the conflict that occurred between two tribes in an attempt to calm the conflicting parties within Dhi Qar Governorate.

The statement added, “After being pursued and chased by our detachments in cooperation with the Shatrah Police Department, they were able to arrest the accused in the murder of Brigadier General Ali Al-Halfi in Dhi Qar Governorate, and the accused was referred to investigation in preparation for his appearance before the court to receive his just punishment.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency