Othman: The Issue Of Kirkuk Is A Ticking Time Bomb…And The Solution Is Internal, Not External

Independent Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman confirmed: “The Kirkuk issue is a dangerous ticking time bomb, and the solution lies internally, not externally.”

Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The government has taken decisions regarding Kirkuk, but some political forces are stronger than government and refuse to implement them, and this affects the work of the government.”

He added: “PM al-Sudani cannot make decisions without referring to the coordination framework that nominated him to head the government,” pointing out that “the Federal Court intervened in the matter of the headquarters in Kirkuk and decided to postpone the matter.

He explained: “The external solution in Iraq has become very weak after Biden assumed the American presidency, and Iran has enough problems to deal with, and Turkey does not interfere, only calls for solving the problems, and therefore the solution lies in holding an expanded meeting of the Iraqi parties, Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, with the government to solve the problems “.

Othman pointed out that there are some parties that seek to cause confusion and increase problems in Kirkuk and other regions for their own purposes, and this matter must be taken into consideration.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency