Pak Ambassador hails human rights record in UAE

Dubai: Pakistani Ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan, has lauded human rights in the UAE as no violations have been recorded in this respect.

Speaking at the workshop titled “Law of the Land- UAE our 2nd home, our responsibilities”, held at the premises of Pakistan Association in Dubai on Friday, he said, “Pakistani workers along with others are getting fair treatment and protection.” Ambassador Khan appreciated the topic of the workshop. “I’m very glad that our community has again taken the lead to initiate month-long solidarity celebrations to mark the UAE national day. This has again maintained our lead as we had been taking since 1971”.

He said that the relations between the sub-continent and Arab could be traced back to centuries as people from the area where Pakistan is located had been travelling in this region for trade.

The Pakistani envoy noted that Pakistan has been passing through the evolutionary democratic process after consistent dictatorial regimes for several years. “This is a clear sign of success paving the way for glorious future,” he added.

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