Parents must be vigilant about child security, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: The death of another child in a fall from a balcony has turned the spotlight again on safety measures at home and the role of parents. After a spate of such accidents, there was hope that awareness campaigns would drive the point home, a UAE paper commented.

“However, incidents like this only go to show that parents need to be vigilant at all times. Children must never be left alone at home and efforts must be made to improve safety measures. This includes adding barriers which can be installed on windows and locks which will only allow a small opening for windows. Together with this, children must be taught at home and in school the importance of staying away from dangerous places,” Gulf News noted in its editorial today.

The issue becomes even more delicate when dealing with children with disabilities.

The important point, though, is that parents should not let their guard down. This is even true when a group of children are together in a room. An adult supervising the children, much against their wishes as it may be, can save plenty of heartache in future, the paper added.

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