Plan seeks to slash municipalities’ debt to JD100mln in next 2 years-Khrisan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, said the ministry is mulling a plan to help Jordan’s municipalities’ recovery, aimed to reduce their debts from JD350 million to JD100 million during the next two years. The minister also stressed need to empower the Kingdom’s provincial councils to promote decentralization and become the “key driver” of local development in accordance with His Majesty King Abdullah II’s directives. Despite the challenges, he noted provincial councils successfully completed 50% to 80% in implementing their projects approved in their 2022 budget. During a press conference on Wednesday, at the Royal Cultural Center, Krishan lauded performance of Jordan’s municipal and provincial councils in their first year, referring to achievements in expanding services, pushing local development in partnership with the private sector and strengthening decentralization drive. Khrishan noted the local administration sector’s progress aligned with Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and the governmental strategy for public sector development. He said tours to all the Kingdom’s 100 municipalities and most provincial councils aimed to implement Royal visions, to address all issues. On EMV’s investor drivers, Krishan said the ministry’s role focuses on stimulating and supporting investment, as its Higher Organization Council approved 291 projects for the private sector in 2022, and 174 in 2021, while 125 investment enterprises were submitted to the council since beginning of 2023 until now.

Source: Jordan News Agency