PM attends launching of 2nd edition of ABJ initiative to support Social Development Ministry’s efforts, 1st add

Khasawneh also emphasized the historic role played by His Majesty King Abdullah II as the custodian of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, in all honesty, responsibility, honor and competence.

“We feel this pain as Jordanian blood has been mixed with the blood of our Palestinian brothers on Palestinian soil in various locations and positions,” the prime minister said. “Under the leadership of His Majesty the King, Jordanian support for our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and in all of Palestine has been steadfast and firm since the inception of the Palestinian cause. He stressed that Jordan will continue to provide aid and support to our Palestinian brothers in order to restore their inherent rights, and to fulfill our leading roles in defending our just causes, first and foremost is the Palestinian cause.

The Prime Minister added that in order for us to continue to play these leading roles towards our just causes, Jordan must be strong, invincible and sovereign, as it always has been and always
will be. In this regard, he stressed that “there is a constant bet on the awareness of the sons and daughters of Jordan and their high national spirit not to deviate the compass from solidarity and support for our just causes to impose considerations that are not related to supporting all Palestinians, but rather to factional and partisan agendas and currents that do not serve the Palestinian cause.” He emphasized that “what governs us in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and their just cause is the interest of all Palestinians, the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, and nothing else governs us.”

Khasawneh emphasized: “Whoever does not put Jordan first in his dictionary will not prioritize Arab issues, first and foremost is the Palestinian cause, and whoever does not preserve and strengthen national unity will not put Jordan first in his dictionary.

He added: “Anyone whose concern and behavior is not that Jordan comes first cannot have an Arab or Palestinian issue, Gaza, Jerusalem or Pales
tine in his list of priorities. Moreover, anyone who does not deal with national unity as a sacred matter cannot have Jordan first in his conscience, because anyone who tampers with this deep-rooted and profound national unity in the Kingdom does not have Jordan in his heart at all, nor in his dictionary.”

He underlined that “there is no conflict between restoring the normal process of life in Jordan in order to face our challenges and stimulate our economy, and our continuous support for our Palestinian brothers and sisters and our various just causes, stressing that a strong and strong Jordan in which the process of life is normal, away from the rhetorical, hollow and harmful slogans related to stopping the process of life in the Kingdom, damaging its economy and social structure, and trying to summon factional issues and foreign agendas to the Jordanian arena, is the one that produces an atmosphere that leads to states of weakness, which will be He emphasized that it is the attempt to summon factional iss
ues and priorities and foreign agendas to the Jordanian arena that produces an atmosphere that leads to states of weakness, which, God willing, will defy all those who try to summon them to prevent us from advancing our national duty towards our just causes and our necessary and required internal renaissance to remain the most capable of supporting and helping our brothers.”

Source: Jordan News Agency