PM attends launching of 2nd edition of ABJ initiative to support Social Development Ministry’s efforts

Prime Minister, Bisher Al-Khasawneh attended on Tuesday evening the launch of the second edition of the initiative launched by the Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ) to support the efforts of the Ministry of Social Development, as part of its corporate social responsibility, in order to enable the Ministry to expand its services to needy groups in society.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the banking sector and all banks in Jordan deserve thanks and praise for this initiative, every penny of which is spent in the right place within the parameters of social responsibility and in response to urgent societal needs.

Khasawneh pointed out that this important initiative has produced a sustainable impact and contributed to supporting certain rehabilitation needs or expansions needed by many facilities for the most vulnerable groups in society.

The Prime Minister stressed that the banking sector in Jordan is a national sector that plays essential and vital economic roles and has been a pioneer in supporting an
d promoting investment through the establishment of an investment fund that is fully aligned with the economic modernization vision launched by the Kingdom and the comprehensive modernization program sponsored and launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II in its three political, economic, and administrative tracks.

Khasawneh pointed out that the vision of economic modernization is based on the investment field, in which banks play a key role in the context of initiating investments and providing financing for them by creating financing windows for small and medium enterprises, which are key enablers of the national economy.

“We salute the banking sector and banks in Jordan for these economic roles and their accompaniment of the march of the Jordanian state in its first centennial, and we have confidence and faith that they will accompany the second centennial in achieving the goals that are worthy of our country, our citizens, and the aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II,” he said.

He emphasized that
the basis of this movement and our strength is the element of partnership between the public and private sectors, between the state and the citizen, and this Jordanian “whole” of different origins.

He added: “We have something to be proud of that we have always been on the side of our just Arab causes. No one can argue about Jordan’s positions and its stand with various just Arab causes, first and foremost is the Palestinian cause.”

Khasawneh stressed that Jordan’s honorable positions, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, towards the Palestinian cause are firm and steadfast since its inception, and will only end with the establishment of an independent, fully sovereign and complete Palestinian state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and addressing various core issues and meeting Jordan’s vital interests associated with them.

Source: Jordan News Agency