President Of The Republic Arrives In Tehran

BAGHDAD, President Barham Salih arrived in Tehran this morning for an official visit and he was received by Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

According to a presidential statement “Saleh will meet Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and will hold talks with Iranian President Hassan Rohani and a number of Iranian leaders and officials,”

The statement added, “The visit and the meetings include dialogues and understanding in the joint files between the two neighboring countries, in a way that strengthens relations between them, as well as the issues of the region.”

The statement continued, “It is also hoped that the President of the Republic will continue his schedule of visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the framework of working to develop relations with all neighboring countries and strengthen constructive dialogue in favor of joint action and stability and progress of the region.”

The delegation accompanying the President of the Republic include Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim, Minister of Industry Saleh al-Jubouri, representatives of the ministries of oil and electricity Falah al-Amiri, Khalid Attia, in addition to the governor of Basra, Assad al-Eidani, and a number of advisers and experts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency