President of the Republic calls for expedited and earnest pursuit of the completion of the government cabinet

BAGHDAD, The current political stalemate in the understanding of the completion of the ministerial portfolios is an obstacle that should not be underestimated on the course of action expected of us all in the legislative and executive branches,” President Barham Saleh said, pointing out the importance of overcoming it with good understanding and acquiescence to the supreme national interest, in this complex situation locally and regionally. ”

“There are many tasks waiting for the legislative and executive branches, months after the elections,” he said in a speech at the celebration of the Construction Alliance celebration on Saturday, marking the victory day. “As I said, the task is to accelerate and strive to complete the government cabinet.”

President Barham Saleh stressed the need to “face the need to complete the formation of the government and to support the Prime Minister, Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, in his difficult and sensitive national mission.” He stressed the importance of “strengthening the military victory with a political victory so that our country be in a safer and more stable environment.”

On the situation in the city of Basra, Saleh said that “developments in Basra are alarming,” calling to calm the souls and find constitutional solutions aimed at the purpose of investing all our capabilities to serve our people in Basra,” stressing the need to provide safe water for the people of the province.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency