Press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Legal Department, works with the competent authorities, namely, the Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice and the security services to resolve the deportation of children of children to their countries.

The leadership of the Ministry has invested in bilateral meetings and directed our missions abroad to invite all States with nationals who join the organization to invite women, children and juvenile offenders who have completed their sentences to coordinate with Iraq through diplomatic channels in order to receive them. This reflects the desire of the serious Iraqi authorities, And genuine full cooperation in this regard.

In coordination with the Russian Embassy in Baghdad, the Iraqi authorities deported 33 children of Russian accused children to the Republic of Russian Federation on 10/7/2019. This process took place after taking the necessary legal measures to ensure their sponsorship and providing legal guarantees to protect their rights.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has participated in a number of 473 deportations of children of various nationalities, including: Russian, Tajik, Azerbaijani, German, French, Georgian, Belarusian, Finnish, Ukrainian and Turkish.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon all States to intensify efforts to receive their nationals who are members of an organization calling upon the terrorist children who are placed with their mothers in Iraqi rehabilitation services, in addition to those whose sentences have expired.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs