Qatar Organizes Ministerial Meeting for the UN Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security -1

She emphasized that substantial investments in healthcare, preparedness, and a scientific approach, along with comprehensive measures, have led the State of Qatar to maintain one of the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates globally, high vaccination rates, and valuable contributions to the global understanding of COVID-19. She pointed out that as the world prepares for climate-related diseases, Qatar takes proactive steps through leadership, national preparedness plans, widespread access to testing, vaccines, and treatments. Furthermore, She shared her views that the One Health approach is optimal for addressing global health risks arising among humans, animals, ecosystems, and their impacts. She explained that Qatar has succeeded in implementing this approach by monitoring zoonotic diseases like the coronavirus, the cause of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and other health threats. The Minister of Public Health said that it was essential to reaffirm commitment to the core principles of multilateralism and enhance international cooperation, as they lie at the heart of global humanitarian solidarity and the pursuit of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

She added that Qatar’s support has been consistent in mitigating the pandemic’s impact, especially on marginalized and deprived communities through the Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar has provided humanitarian aid and resources to countries worldwide, exceeding $140 million. She also said that Qatar is proud of its close cooperation and partnership with the World Health Organization, urging an empowered WHO, including an increase in assessed contributions.

She affirmed that enhancing preparedness, coordination, rapid response capability, solidarity, and innovative global financing solutions are not merely desirable but urgent imperatives for global public health and the execution of the 2030 Action Plan.

The ministerial meeting focused on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the path to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. It also reviewed the weaknesses in global health security, the importance of flexible healthcare systems, universal health coverage, and the urgent need for effective global mechanisms for preparedness and prevention. Such a ministerial event contributes to the UN Summit for the Future, scheduled for September 2024, through dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge exchange. It is worth mentioning that Qatar is a founding member of the group, alongside the Republic of Korea, Canada, Denmark, and Sierra Leone, and the group was established in 2020. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency