Qatar Partakes in Meeting of WHO Standing Committee on Health Emergency Prevention

The State of Qatar is participating in the two-day third meeting of the Standing Committee on Health Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response at the World Health Organization (WHO), which began Wednesday in Geneva HE Minister of Public Health and Chair of the WHO Executive Board, Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari, chairs the State of Qatar’s delegation to the meeting.

The meeting discusses several important topics, including an update on current public health emergencies of international concern and the strengthening and oversight of WHO’s emergency health program. The meeting will review two updates, one on the prevention, preparedness, and response to health emergencies and the second on the response to current major health emergencies.

The Standing Committee on Health Emergency Prevention is composed of 14 members representing WHO’s regions. They are elected from among the members of the Executive Board, in addition to the Executive Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair by virtue of their positions.

The Committee is responsible for several key tasks, including reviewing WHO’s emergency health program, providing guidance, and making recommendations as appropriate to the WHO Executive Board.

If a public health emergency of international concern is declared in accordance with the International Health Regulations (2005), the Committee considers the information provided by the WHO Director-General and the Member State in whose territory the event is taking place and provides guidance to the WHO Executive Board and advice to the Director-General through the Executive Board.

Source: Qatar News Agency