Qatar Participates in 2nd OIC Ministerial Conference on Social Development in Cairo

The State of Qatar participated in the Second Ministerial Conference on Social Development in the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which was held Tuesday in Egypt’s capital Cairo.

The conference reviewed the efforts of the OIC organs and institutions in the field of empowering marriage and the family, childhood well-being, and issues related to the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs at the Ministry of Social Development and Family Ghanem Mubarak Al Kuwari represented the State at the conference.

In his speech to the conference, Al Kuwari reviewed the efforts of the State of Qatar in the field of social development at various levels, stressing the State’s support for all efforts to coordinate cooperation between member states to continue working towards achieving the ambitious projects, which were drawn up by the first conference chaired by the Republic of Turkiye, and pushing towards the success of the goals of the second conference to promote social justice and community security.

Al Kuwari added that the issue of social justice comes at the forefront of the priorities of the State of Qatar, and is at the core of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which is considered the basis for formulating the country’s national plans and strategies, including achieving social justice and community security, which is a comprehensive national vision that integrates with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

He pointed out that the constitution of the State of Qatar stipulates that the State guarantees freedom of economic activity on the basis of social justice and balanced cooperation between public and private activities, to achieve economic and social development, increase production, achieve prosperity for citizens, raise their standard of living and provide them with job opportunities, in accordance with the provisions of the law in what represents the constitutional protection for development and social justice.

Al Kuwari explained that social development and social justice are among the basic pillars of society’s well-being and growth, pointing to the role of the Ministry of Social Development and Family in implementing national strategies, plans and policies related to the care of the family and its members, raising awareness of the importance of protecting it, strengthening family cohesion, and other related specializations to enhance social development in its various dimensions.

Commenting on the advancement of women, he stressed that the State of Qatar spares no effort in this field, emphasizing that the Qatari constitution stipulates the principle of equality before the law among all citizens in rights and duties, without discrimination based on gender, in a way that guarantees the protection of women from all forms of discrimination and provides them with the opportunity to build their capabilities and protect and promote their rights and participation in the development of society.

He also pointed out that the various legislations in the country emphasized the principle of gender equality, especially the management of public affairs through the right of women to run for office and be elected to the Municipal Council and the Shura Council.

Thanks to these policies, women in Qatar have held various positions, as the cabinet includes three female Ministers, in addition to two female members of the elected Shura Council, one of whom is the Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council, he noted, adding that women work in various positions, including the judiciary, medicine, engineering, management and other professions.

At the end of his speech, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs said he looks forward to the discussions that will take place during the conference on the important topics on its agenda, and the decisions it will come up with in the field of social development in the Islamic world.

Source: Qatar News Agency