Qatari analyst Majid Al-Khulaifi nominates 3 teams to win the Gulf Cup 25

Basra, Qatari analyst Majed Al-Khulaifi sent a message of reassurance to the Gulf fans to attend the 25 Gulf matches in the stadiums of Basra, indicating that all data indicate the success of the tournament.

Al-Khulaifi said in a press statement, “The Gulf Federation is fortunate that the tournament will be held in Basra, as there are very large fans eager to watch the tournament, and the stadiums are completely filled after selling tickets run out.”

He added that the Gulf masses are happy to be with the Iraqi brothers, and we fail to express our thanks for the warm reception, and this is not new to the people of generosity and kindness, the sons of Basra.

About his expectations for the opening match today between Iraq and Oman, Al-Khulaifi explained: The opening match is always difficult for the two teams because the cards are not exposed, at a time when the Iraqi team is playing in its stadium and in front of its fans, while the Omani team is a developed and stable team.

Al-Khulaifi nominated three teams to win the championship cup, which are Iraq, the UAE and Oman, excluding the Qatari team, about which he said that the team had just left the year’s cup tournament, and there are changes that will affect the team, and the Gulf 25 is a preparation for the Qatari team in the upcoming tournaments.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency