Radicals in Bahrain will not succeed

ABU DHABI: A U.A.E. paper has said that our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of First Lieutenant Tarek Al Shehi, a brave Emirati police officer who died in the line of duty along with two Bahraini colleagues in a bomb blast in the island kingdom on Monday evening. The officers died in a bomb blast during clashes with rioters at a protest to mark the final day of mourning for a 23-year-old man who died in custody last week. Al Shehi died in the service of his brothers, trying to maintain peace, stability and law and order in Bahrain, serving as part of a supplementary force of security officers from across the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

“His ultimate sacrifice underlines in blood the commitment of the GCC to ensure the security and stability of the kingdom”, said ‘Gulf News’ in an editorial today.

It continued “Let’s be clear: Those who provided the materiel to make this bomb are terrorists; those who planned the cowardly attack are terrorists; and those who set off the explosion to kill the three officers and wound others did so with the sole intent of causing as much injury and harm as possible and they are terrorists who must be brought to justice.” “No political society in Bahrain, opposition or loyalist, no right-thinking person, no member of any religious persuasion or ethnic community can abide for a single second the use of bombs to advance any political cause.

And those who support such twisted thinking deserve neither any place nor support in any corner of Bahrain, or across the entire GCC.” “Whether there are external forces at play or miscreant militant and radical terrorist forces internally, the joint security forces of the GCC and Bahrain are meant to confront them.” “If terrorists believe for a single moment that their criminal acts further their ultimate objectives, they are sadly and blindly mistaken. All this has done is harden the resolve to restore peace and provide stability to every Bahraini.”, concluded the paper.