RAKEZ Media Zone records 177 percent jump in licences issued

RAS AL KHAIMAH, The number of new media licences and freelancer permits issued under the RAKEZ Media Zone has jumped 177 percent to 360 companies and freelancers in May 2019, up from 130 in May 2018.

Of the new licences registered, 150 belong to companies and the rest to freelancers.

RAKEZ issues media licences to companies in the fields of TV and radio broadcasting, animation, music, entertainment, publishing, advertising, communications, media services, production and film support, and events management, among the entire value chain of the media industry.

“Our cost-effective, hassle-free and one-stop licencing regime is the key reason, which attracts media professionals and investors to register with the RAKEZ Media Zone. I take this opportunity to also announce that we are in the process of setting up a world-class facility for our clients within the Media Zone that will play a great role in helping new media businesses grow and thus become a hub for new media, print, electronic, digital and social media,” said Ramy Jallad, RAKEZ Group CEO.

RAKEZ repositioned its Media Zone in May 2018, about a year after the formation of RAKEZ in April 2017 and quickly became a hub for media firms and professionals.

The growing interest among media professionals and investors in the media industry in the RAKEZ Media Zone reflects the business-friendly environment, cost-effective licencing regime and the greater freedom to do business provided to companies registered by RAKEZ, one of the largest enablers of businesses in the Middle East.

Besides, the media organisations within the RAKEZ Media Zone have direct access to over 14,500 businesses within RAKEZ that constantly need media-related services, such as advertising, public relations, publications, corporate events, and consultancy, etc.

The RAKEZ Media Zone offers shared workstations, offices, customisable warehouses and land plots for developing media facilities, such as production studios, etc.

Nasser Al Tamimi, Director of Media Licencing Department from the National Media Council, NMC, stated that the flexible legislative and regulatory environment in the UAE media sector contributed a lot to increase the number of regional and international media companies that are operating within the media zones in the UAE.

He added that they are exploring further cooperation opportunities and partnerships to support investment in the media sector of the UAE.

Source: Emirates News Agency