Rashid Al Mulla praises support of UAE’s leadership for country’s sports sector

ABU DHABI, UAE and international Aquabike champion Rashid Al Mulla praised the support of UAE’s leadership for the country’s sports sector.

He also expressed his happiness at winning in the first round of the Aquabike World Championship, which took place in Kuwait this week.

Al Mulla told the Emirates News Agency, WAM, about a tough period he encountered when his right hand was fractured and the risks he took while competing despite not being fully recovered, as well as how he had to depend on one hand.

He added that he was fully responsible for his decision to participate, noting that his club’s administration told him that his health was a priority.

Al Mulla also pointed out that the injury occurred during training for the inaugural round of the UAE Aquabike Championship that took place in Dubai. “The bike fell on my hand as I was jumping in the air, and I had to recover,” he said.

“When I arrived in Kuwait, I decided to against aggravating the injury and use my left hand instead, and then the pain decreased, which made me optimistic. But I was still careful, and I realised that the injury might deteriorate if I made any wrong moves,” he added.

“I am so focussed on finishing well, that every time I compete I totally disconnect myself from the outside world so I can focus. After my participation, I earned 50 points to top the rankings,” he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency