Response Plus Holding launches Irtiqa to offer training to healthcare industry

ABU DHABI, Response Plus Holding PJSC, the largest provider of healthcare services in the UAE and a unit of Alpha Dhabi Holding, has launched a new corporate training vertical with HTTC – ‘Irtiqa’. Irtiqa, which means exalted in English, is expected to meet high standards that is indicated in the name.

Irtiqa operates on a dynamic model, where, once it understands the needs of the client, it creates tailor-made solutions. Each solution designed by Irtiqa is highly customised in order to fulfil the client’s requirements in the best possible way. Keeping in mind the real-life applications, Irtiqa measures the solutions against key deliverables, assuring client satisfaction. Irtiqa also provides counsel regarding human capital development, and creates programmes that will serve to elevate both personal and professional development.

The launch is in line with the company’s vision to be a one-stop-shop in all aspects of healthcare services. With its unique service offerings, Irtiqa will tap into a rapidly-developing market – corporate training. Fortune 500 companies spend on an average of US$1,500 per employee per year on corporate training, and the trend in the region averages at around US$900 per employee, across all industries.

Irtiqa will start with the healthcare industry, creating programmes for employee development, which will greatly benefit the industry. This approach to enhance soft skills within the team can hugely benefit the organisation in the long term. This will eventually lead to strengthening the healthcare industry as a whole.

Major Tom Louis, CEO of Response Plus Holding, commented, “At RPM, we follow a highly dynamic business model, one that is always geared up to address any gaps within the healthcare industry. With the launch of Irtiqa, RPM is poised to address an under-serviced sector of this industry, that of soft-skills and customer service training. This will solidify RPM’s position of being a turn-key provider to the industry, addressing the needs of the industry holistically.”

Some of the sub-verticals under Irtiqa include Customer Experience Enhancement Solution like Mystery Shopping Exercise, Customer Service Programmes, Excellence Through Service Recovery, Managing Difficult Customers, and Telephone & Email Etiquette; and also Executive Programmes like Certified programmes, short courses, Leadership Development, and more. Irtiqa also offers consultancy services for Learning Need Analysis, Coaching Executive Speakers, and Managing Learning Systems.

“Since its inception Irtiqa has taken various steps within the company to enhance corporate communication and develop soft skills, notably initiating the first RPM toastmasters corporate club in association with Toastmasters international. We have also started a unique initiative, the Irtiqa Speaker Series, that stems from our vision to develop specific types of training to benefit the healthcare industry,” stated Hana Abdul Hafiz Seid, HoD of Irtiqa.

The first of Irtiqa’s Speaker Series will feature globally acclaimed keynote speaker and international faculty fellow with MIT Sloan School of Management, Professor Loredana Padurean, who will address the topic of ‘Smart Skills, and the Healthcare Professional. Professor Padurean’s talk will set the tone and stage for the type of training that can be expected from Irtiqa.

Source: Emirates News Agency