RTA launches mini-trailers numbering and licensing service

DUBAI: The Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority, has recently launched a new service for the numbering and licensing of cargo mini-trailers used for transporting goods and luggage.

The service commenced with the licensing of 61 vehicles belonging to Emirates Airline as an initial step towards concluding agreements with various concerned bodies owning and using such trailers, in order to enhance traffic safety on Dubai roads.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency, said, “We are actively pursuing the realisation of RTA’s vision of ensuring ‘Safe and Smooth Transport for All’, by adopting and implementing a number of initiatives in line with our set plans, most notably registering and licensing trailers and semi-trailers in order to ensure their road safely and compliance with traffic safety rules. Moreover, registration serves as a guarantor as well as proof of the identity and ownership of these vehicles by the competent parties, where approved centres are entrusted with printing chassis numbers as per the Licensing Agency’s approved procedures.

“Annual licensing is required for companies’ semi-trailers that have a 2,500 kg payload or above, while semi-trailers weighing below 2,500 kg are required to renew licensing every three years for individuals, and annually for companies. The testing process includes trailer’s plates, body, lights, reflectors, tires, towing system, dimensions and landing gears, among others,” added Bahrozyan.

“This year a plan is being drawn up with regards to scheduling the licensing of all types of semi-trailers gradually, whereby in March, both box trailers (cargo transport) and equipment and machinery transport vehicles will be registered and licensed, while boat and bike trailers will be registered in April. Single light-vehicle as well as caravan carriers will be licensed in May, horse and animal transport trailers will be licensed in June, while July will be designated for the registration and licensing of multipurpose trailers for transporting horses, bicycles, caravans, animals, machinery and equipment and luggage,” he continued.

The CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency added, “A future plan is being prepared in cooperation with various entities in Dubai that use mini-trailers, such as airline companies, Dubai Police, and owners of commercial transportation vehicles with whom we have held several meetings to stress to them the importance of licensing and registering semi-trailers in a bid to boost security and safety.” Ahmed Bahrozyan thanked Emirates Airlines for their cooperation and efforts towards realising the objectives of the new service.