Rudolph Giuliani, Bart Schwartz, and Joseph Rosetti Announce Formation of Giuliani SolutionPoint Global Services

Venture will focus on complete suite of security and risk assessment and implementation services designed for governments, government agencies, and international organizations

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire — Institutions around the world – from governments to international organizations – are facing increased threats to their security, integrity, and delivery of essential government services. Inadequate responses to these threats erode public confidence in these institutions. To address this need Giuliani Security & Safety (GSS) and SolutionPoint International (SPI) have entered into a joint venture – Giuliani SolutionPoint Global Services (

The venture combines the experience and talent of both companies to deliver an enhanced suite of services to address challenges and threats including those related to security and risk, border protection and customs control, anti-corruption, and related services to foreign and local governments and law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and international organizations. GSS and SPI anticipate new clients for Giuliani SolutionPoint Global Services will include, among others, developing nations, mature governments facing security challenges, multi-national companies doing business in high risk areas, international construction companies, and international sports authorities.

“Since its inception, GSS has provided high-level consulting to identify tailored solutions for our clients around the globe. However, with the growing attention to particular threats to institutions, this is a unique opportunity to combine with SPI our skills and services to provide current and future clients with an enhanced and most complete array of planning and implementation services available anywhere in the world,” said Rudolph W. Giuliani. “SPI’s experience, from protecting our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with sophisticated surveillance equipment, to ownership of the premier private DNA forensic laboratory in the United States, to its unparalleled investigative, corporate integrity and monitoring, and security and safety infrastructure capabilities, will be an enormous resource for us and provide tremendous benefits to our clients.”

“The well-deserved respect and unmatched access that GSS has around the globe is a tremendous benefit for SPI’s international expansion plans and will enable us to increase the level of service and value we can deliver to clients, now and in the future,” noted Bart M. Schwartz, Chairman of SPI.

“This is an especially efficient way for GSS and SPI’s three operating companies – Guidepost Solutions, Bode Technology and NSM – to expand their global reach and grow, which in turn means being able to provide cost effective services and products to our clients,” observed Joe Rosetti, Vice Chairman of SPI.

The agreement announced today marks a new level of collaboration between the two firms whose leaders have worked together on many joint projects over the years. Mr. Schwartz served as Chief of the Criminal Division under Mayor Giuliani when he was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

GSS (security and consulting) and the SPI operating companies as a whole – Guidepost Solutions (as investigations, compliance, and security and safety infrastructure), Bode Technology (DNA) and NSM (sophisticated surveillance and military support) – will continue to operate independently on matters which do not fall within the scope of the new venture.

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