Russia warns.. A military intervention in Venezuela will be disastrous

BAGHDAD, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned on Thursday against any military intervention in Venezuela against the background of the country’s political crisis.

In an interview with American CNN, Ryabkov warned the United States and its partners of the danger of any military intervention in Venezuela, pointing out that this step would fuel the crisis in this country.

“We warn everyone, not only the United States, but anyone involved in carrying out one of these steps, because the use of military force could lead to catastrophic consequences,” the diplomat said.

“We have a scenario that could lead, if implemented, to the continued bloodshed in Venezuela,” Ryabkov said, adding that possible military intervention would “make matters worse.”

On Wednesday, the Venezuelan capital Caracas witnessed massive demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro. On the same day, Juan Guido, the speaker of the majority opposition in the Parliament, declared himself the transitional president of the country for a transitional government.

The United States and several other states have recognized Guido’s legitimacy, warning Maduro, who does not consider these countries to re-elect him as President in last May, a legitimate process, with the use of force against the opposition.

For his part, Maduro declared himself a legitimate President under the Constitution, describing Guido as “a puppet in the hands of the United States.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency