Russian Defense Ministry: Repelling attacks on various axes and killing 630 Ukrainian soldiers

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today, Friday, that its forces repelled the Ukrainian attacks on the six main fighting axes and improved their positions on the Kobyansk axis, while the Ukrainian losses amounted to about 630 soldiers within a day.

The daily report of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that in the Kubyansk axis, the units improved their positions on the front line, and also repelled 3 attacks in the area of the village of Novogorovka in Kharkov Province, and in the Donetsk axis, 12 attacks were repelled, and the Ukrainian units lost more than 215 soldiers.

He added that in the Zaporozhye axis, 5 attacks were repelled in the area of Verbovoye village, and up to 40 members of the Ukrainian army were killed, and the losses of the Ukrainian forces amounted to up to 100 soldiers.

He continued: “In the Krasny Liman axis, two attacks were repelled in the area of the village of Chervonaya Dibrova, Lugansk, and about 60 Ukrainian soldiers were eliminated, and in the southern Donetsk axis – an ammunition field depot was destroyed, and the enemy’s losses were approximately 190 individuals, killed or wounded, and in the Kherson axis – more than 25 Ukrainian military personnel were killed, the destruction of a radar to detect and track targets at low altitudes of the ST-68-O model, the bombing of command and control centers for Ukrainian units in Donetsk, the interception of 4 missiles from HIMARS missile launchers, and the downing of 31 Ukrainian drones.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency