SAABSOFT Unveils Latest Property Listing Update in Bitrix24 CRM

Powering Over 400 Top UAE Real Estate Firms

SAABSOFT Unveils Latest Property Listing Update in Bitrix24 CRM

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a significant move to redefine real estate CRM solutionsSAABSOFT, recognized as the official Bitrix24 partner in the UAE and across the Middle East, has enthusiastically unveiled its newest update for the Property Listing module within Bitrix24 CRM. This major enhancement, already adopted by over 400 leading real estate companies in the UAE, reinforces SAABSOFT’s role as a key influencer in the technological landscape of the region’s real estate industry.

Revolutionizing Real Estate CRM with Advanced Features

The new version of SAABSOFT’s Property Listing in Bitrix24 CRM is equipped with several key enhancements that cater to the specific demands of the real estate sector:

  1. Advanced Search Filters: The introduction of advanced search filters allows users to navigate through listings with unprecedented ease and precision, ensuring that the right properties are matched with the right clients.
  2. Multiple Account Management in Listing Portals: Addressing the need for expansive outreach, the update enables real estate professionals to manage multiple accounts across various listing portals from a single, centralized platform.
  3. Automated Media Upload and Watermarking: A streamlined media upload feature now automatically adds watermarks to images, enhancing brand presence and protecting intellectual property with minimal effort.
  4. Workflow Approval for Listing Publication: Ensuring quality and compliance, the new workflow approval process facilitates the review and authorization of listings before they are published on portals.
  5. Seamless Portal Leads Integration: The update seamlessly integrates leads from various portals directly into Bitrix24 CRM, enabling efficient tracking and management of potential client interactions.
  6. Enhanced Lead and Listing Matching: Perhaps the most ground-breaking feature is the sophisticated system that matches leads with the most suitable listings, optimizing the chances of successful transactions.

A Vision for the Future: A Statement from the Managing Director

In a statement, the Managing Director of SAABSOFT highlighted the impact of the update, “As the official Bitrix24 partner in the Middle East, we understand the dynamic needs of the real estate sector. This update reflects our commitment to providing top-notch solutions that cater specifically to the complexities and demands of the industry. By empowering over 400 leading real estate firms in the UAE with our enhanced module, we are setting a new standard in real estate CRM efficiency and innovation. The integration of leads and the sophisticated matching system are game-changers, promising to enhance the way real estate professionals connect with clients and manage their portfolios.”

Impact on the Real Estate Industry

This update is expected to have a substantial impact on the real estate sector. By simplifying and streamlining various aspects of property management and client interaction, SAABSOFT’s new Property Listing feature is set to empower real estate companies with tools that can significantly enhance productivity and client satisfaction. Real estate professionals can now enjoy a more intuitive, efficient, and effective CRM experience, enabling them to focus more on client relations and less on administrative tasks.


Founded in 2018 and based in Dubai, UAE, Saabsoft is a premier software company with a legacy of over 20 years of technology expertise. As a key player in digital transformation, software development, business automation, digital marketing, and research and data analysis, Saabsoft stands at the forefront of technological innovation. As the authorized Bitrix24 partner in Dubai, serving the MENA region, Saabsoft’s expertise in Bitrix24 dates back to 2016. The company excels in implementation, configuration, customization, and training, assisting numerous enterprises across various industries in automating their business processes with Bitrix24 Ecosystem.

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