Saairun Alliance: Our Support To PM Depends On His Commitment To implement The Government Program

BAGHDAD The Saairun Alliance announced its support for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi depends on the commitment of the latter to implement his government program, which included specific time voted by the House of Representatives.

“The government has prepared its ministerial program according to specific time, including urgent measures,” said the head of the Alliance Hassan al-Akoli, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), added “There are timelines within the program and the government curriculum, therefore the prime minister is obliged to implement them and work accordingly, some of them medium and other far-reaching measures. “

He added, “The first six months need quick solutions and the people have not seen a real reality so far,” he said. Added “There are loud voices in the House of Representatives to pressure the executive to abide by its government program.

On the infiltration of party gains, he explained that “Saairun stands against any suspicion or indicators of corruption, including economic bodies associated with the blocs and political parties, but the resolution of this matter is by the executive authority.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency