Sakini: Sauiroon Alliance Insists The Interior Minister Should Be One Of Its Employees

Baghdad, A member of the House of Representatives for Sauiroon Alliance, Rami al-Sakini stressed that his alliance is on his position that the Minister of the Interior should be from its employees.

He told NINA “The issue of consensus on the candidates of the interior and defense need not for a short time and resolving the issue of internal ministry within the next two days is not accurate and we hope that the understandings reach a solution,”.

“We do not have any conflicts with any person and we are with the candidate within its employees,” he said.

MP for Nasr Coalition, Haider al-Fawadi confirmed in a statement today that the Interior Ministry decided in favor of the candidate of the Fatah Alliance Faleh Fayyad, likely that the Prime Minister will submit his candidates for the remaining ministries tomorrow or the day after.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency