Salehi calls for meeting the urgent needs of the Turkmen women survivors of Tal Afar

Kirkuk The Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Arshad Al-Salehi, called on the Iraqi government and local and international human rights organizations to meet the urgent needs of the Turkmen survivors of Tal Afar and Bashir.

Speaking at a press conference with a number of Turkmen survivors of ISIS violence, Al-Salehi said that the ISIS gangs committed horrendous crimes in the Turkmen areas that they seized in 2014 and practiced against their sons, children and daughters various kinds of crimes of sexual violence, including kidnapping and rape, and enslaved them to other areas, especially the Syrian city of Raqqa. “

Al-Salehi pointed out that there are thousands of Turkmen women and girls among the victims of the organization in Tal Afar and Bashir, but the customs and tribal values prevailing in those areas prevent the disclosure of their numbers and names.

He stressed the need for government bodies to rehabilitate them as Iraqis who were victims of criminal terrorist violence, and to meet their urgent needs through the provision of medical and psychological services for them, and psychological rehabilitation and reconstruction of their areas.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency