Saudi Arabia launches smart applications to serve pilgrims

ABU DHABI, Saudi Arabia has launched a series of advanced smart applications to serve pilgrims, as part of its efforts to provide them with best services and facilitate their travel during the Hajj season.

In this report, the Emirates News Agency, WAM, will highlight these smart applications.

Last year, the country launched the ‘Smart Hajj Initiative’, which was designed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to serve pilgrims and help them perform the Hajj. This year, it launched a 5G service in Makkah as part of the initiative to enhance pilgrims’ digital experience during the Hajj season.

In light of the success of the initiative, which benefitted 250,000 pilgrims last year, the second phase of the smart Hajj plan kicked off last month with a voluntary training platform to train individuals working to assist pilgrims during the Hajj season, as well as a virtual platform to train male and female pilgrims on their Hajj rites, along with various other smart phone applications to assist pilgrims during their spiritual journey.

Source: Emirates News Agency